by The Flying Eyes

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saloonbizarre thumbnail
saloonbizarre One of the most greatest songs of this band we've seen live some years ago at Stoned from the Underground Festival! Favorite track: Under Iron Feet.
Stoner Vibrations
Stoner Vibrations thumbnail
Stoner Vibrations Fantastic stuff, just listening to the featured track made me impulsively buy all three of their albums. I really have to stop doing that because I'm a poor student but sometimes the music is just too damn good. Favorite track: Under Iron Feet.
Thomas V
Thomas V thumbnail
Thomas V A slight departure from their earlier blues/psychedelic rock to a more heavy and dark tone. The heavier the better ! Favorite track: Eye Of The Storm.
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 thumbnail
𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡-𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔢𝔱-𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔡 The rich promise of Baltimore's finest airborne apertures comes triumphantly to fruition as they bring their melting pot of psych, blues and hard rock to a fervent boil across ten manoeuvres that bear witness to a band assuredly buzzing the zenith. Favorite track: Under Iron Feet.
Shane Gardner
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Shane Gardner Amazing live shows. Not to be missed! Favorite track: Under Iron Feet.


Third full length, released on Noisolution Records.


released July 26, 2013

The Flying Eyes are:
Adam Bufano- Guitar, Saw, Organ
Mac Hewitt- Bass, Vocals
Will Kelly- Vocals, Guitar, Dobro
Elias Mays Schutzman- Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Synthesizer

Guest Musicians (in order of appearance):
Rob Girardi- Mellotron in "Alive In TIme", Noise Guitar in "Surrender"
Dave Hadley- Pedal Steel in "Lowlands"
Ryan McBride- Sitar in "Surrender
Katrina Ford- Vocals in "Surrender"
Dave Gibson- Pump Organ in "Surrender"

Produced and engineered by Rob Girardi at Lord Baltimore Studios

Mixed by Chris "Frenchie" Smith and Sean Rolie at The Bubble (Austin, TX)

Mastered by Dave McNair Mastering

Executive Producers: William & Ros Byrne, Agata Rutkowska, de Barquin Jean, Ulla & Don Wetherington, Save Versus Poison, Corsin Hobi, Rico Gujjula, Lynne Edel, Kurt Paulus, Marco Spada, Michael Reich, Marcus Eßer and Thomas.

Special thanks to: Michel, Wolf, World In Sound/Trip In Time Records, Sean Brescia, Tom Reiss & La Chunga Publishing, Axl & Magnificent Music, hennPict, Jette, Nikita Daniels, Katie & Petey, Artyom, keegan, Steven Schutzman, Johannes Bufano, Tom Bufano, Herr Berdnt Bergner, Shulman, Marit Magdalena, catrin, Anne & Justine Dousset, Dima, Wilken Meyer, Teka Rodrigues & Rafa Sanches, walter muls, Petra, Megan "Fuzzy Logic" Petty, Pierre-Guillaume Béchu, Seva Ashkinadze, Giorgio Salmoiraghi, Karl, Marvin Röllecke, Denis, Antonios Agiassotis, Renato, Bill, Micha, Sebastian Kutz, Clément Gourmelon, Reece, Meg Haight, Nathan, Bill Goodman, Tom, Jochen, Roswitha & Peter, Dr. Constantinos Verros (Greece), Matt & Heidi Gibson, Clemens Mitscher, Manuel, Laura O'Neill, Neil Jennings, Mo Helmut Maurer, Flo Hiemer, Steven Sperling and Xavier Rigo.


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The Flying Eyes Baltimore, Maryland

“…The Flying Eyes appeared and cast their hypnotic power over the crowd.”

The Flying Eyes are a heavy, psychedelic rock band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Their name comes from a 1962 science fiction novel about giant, disembodied eyes that descend from outer space to control humanity. ... more

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Track Name: Long Gone
Teacher of the storm
You are not welcome here
Preacher of the noise
Your voice is loud and clear
Seeker of the fight
Your water boils thin
Leader, give us hope
And teach us how to sin

I’m so gone
I just might disappear

Dealer of the truth
You are not welcome here
Savior of the blind
Please keep us full of fear
Sinners gather round
And harmonize our fate
Jesus, give us pills
So we can leave this place

I’m so gone
I just might disappear
Track Name: Under Iron Feet
We play with paper dolls and
Make the people get down and crawl
Smile with uneasy hatred
And catch the fruit when the tree is shaken

Suck the juice until the skin is grey.
Call us the masters of this place.

We are the living whose lives are taken
Our voices dead and our families broken
We collapse into the street
They tell us “Paradise under iron feet”

“Love your master and God will love you to.”
Call us the slaves of this…
Track Name: Rolling Thunder
Rolling thunder hear my cry
As I wave the world goodbye
Rolling thunder hear my laugh
Cuz’ I know it’s the end at last

Here comes the flood
The taste of sweat and blood
Here comes the flood
Track Name: Smile
You try to fix me but I’m alright
I wear a scar behind my smile
I don’t need help just sanctuary
Within myself I’m buried

You try to fix me but I’m alright
I’m broke (I know) to your delight
You want my trust but it’s too late
Wicked deeds have sealed your fate

Heavy is the crown upon your head
You take from those until you’re fed
You wore a mask to cover your lies
Taking more than you need to survive
Track Name: Alive In Time
Running through the rain in June
My memories consumed
By what my father used to sigh
“The faster that you try to run
The more drenched you will become
Until you reach the other side.”
I’ve chased away so many nights
Soaked up the city lights
But still peace I cannot find…

Gazing at the autumn moon
My memories consumed
When I remember how she cried
She gave me love simple and pure
But I was searching for a cure
For my selfish design…
Track Name: Lowlands
Have you been to where the sidewalk ends?
Down in the lowlands…
Gun shots barking wakes the children again
Down in the lowlands…

Safely inside I watch my city bleed
Down in the lowlands…

I have found a way to love the streets that don’t love me
I have found a way to face the killer underneath
Come on surround the place…
Track Name: Eye Of The Storm
She was a darling
All the schoolboys hung around
She was a sad thing
Daddy’s hand came down
Mommy lay there like a stone
And tried not to hear a sound…

She’s waiting for you now
In the eye of the storm

“Try it our way
And you could be the weekend girl
With such a body
Their faces mop the floor
You’ll be empowered, in control
So you can take back what is yours…”

She’s waiting for you now
In the eye of the storm

Now she’s an old girl
Her tricks are nothing new
A crumpled dollar bill
So “This one’s just for you”
And as she crawls across the stage
She tries not to hear a sound…

She’s waiting for you now
In the eye of the storm
Track Name: Comfort Machine
Don’t talk to me now
There’s no time to spare
Futures are in my palm
Words cannot compare…

Apathy’s killing us
But all we do is stare
Apathy’s killing us
But we don’t seem to care

Your house is falling down
Well that’s a crying shame
And if your body is burning
Only yourself to blame…

Apathy’s killing us
But we don’t seem to care
Track Name: Surrender
The end is nearing
See the sun setting
Fear and doubt come creeping in
My body crumbles to sand

There’s no today, no tomorrow
Eons pass me by
Feel no joy, feel no sorrow
Peaceful oblivion
I surrender to the void

A bright light flashes
I reawaken
In a different time and place
A brand new world I can love

Here today, here tomorrow
Hours pass me by
Full of joy, full of sorrow
Restless consciousness
I surrender to the void

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